Horizon Expansion

Our weekly group meetings begin with a presentation by a lab member about their project:  the underlying question, the experimental strategy,  the results, limitations to progress, and plans for future experiments.   We then exchange helpful suggestions about how to overcome obstacles, and ideas about what directions to head in next.   Collectively our group has a great diversity of expertise – in molecular biology, electrophysiology, genetics, chemical ecology, behavior, and computational biology.  To make the environment still more fertile, we have regular participants from other Yale groups, including Thierry Emonet’s group (expertise in Physics and Quantitative Biology), Jamie Jeanne’s group (Circuits and Neural Computation), and Jeff Powell’s group (Ecology and Evolution).   

The second part of our weekly group meeting is “Horizon Expansion”.  Another lab member presents a topic that usually has some relationship to our research but that is chosen to stimulate us to think more broadly, and to see our work in a larger context.  These sessions are usually enlightening and often quite entertaining.

Recent Horizon Expansion Topics

A social chemosignaling function for human handshaking 

The odorous house ant

The paleoanthropology of fermentation (and tasting of three ancient beers)

Octopus intelligence

Zika virus and neurobiology

Differences between the left and right nostril

Family trees of mosquitoes

Suppression of attraction to pheromones by mating

Automation of literature review

Sensory modalities of plants

A tiny insect with anucleate neurons

Network theory:  banks and brains

Evolution of sweet taste in hummingbirds

Dispersal of yeast by insect vectors

Chocolate and empathy-like behavior in rats

Fruit fly self-medication and alcohol

Social networking in science

Laser microsurgery in model organisms

Superresolution microscopy

The calculus of Drosophila flight

Courtship in the yellow peach moth

Neuronal control of Drosophila walking direction & The Michael Jackson fly

Male researchers stress out rodents

Morality in everyday life

Cocoa-flavanols & age-related memory decline

Genetic background-dependent phenotypes

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) and Drosophila

Memory-enhancing role of caffeine in honeybees

Using canine olfaction to detect human disease

Biotic games

Commensal bacteria influence mating preference in Drosophila

Fear and CO2

Cyborg bugs

Composition of agarose substrate affects larval behavior

Prehistoric insects

A novel Drosophila model of nerve injury

The third arm illusion

Proteins that modify taste

The truth wears off - Is there something wrong with the scientific method?

Are there plateau potentials in Drosophila?

Fruit flies in space

Using Drosophila for the study of neuropsychiatric diseases

Freezing fruit flies

Effects of artificial sweeteners on the longevity of the fly

Aestivation of Anopheles in the Sahel

Odor receptors in the human skin